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me advantage. Becky let go of his tail, stretched bent and kissed his right arm around the waist and back Geoff and pinch with the teeth. I slid my cock into her wet pussy and started fucking her slowly and gently, she has her hips. after thaday t, as Becky and Geoff had gone home and we were thinking about things, Rosemary surprised me. Apparently, as Becky was bending to kiss and embrace new Geoff wall under his left arm and the body was tingling realhomesex Romero and rubs her pussy all the time that Geoff was fucking ass. I had no idea this was happening, and coming in and out of pussy Becky. It was the first time, as far realhomesex as I know that another woman had touched Romero. It certainly was not the last! These events changed my outlook forever Becky. realhomesex Previously, he thought as his shy and naive, with a string of sexy, naughty. Apparently, he had all these things and more, she was very open to almost everything. Geoff got his cock deep into Romero and began to fuck her ass with long slow strokes. Mary Rose sighed and groaned, indicating that they enjoyed the many new impressions, which they attacked. Geoff must have enjoyedBecause he was shot in the ass before Rosemary and broke them gasping. I sat in Becky pumps until I got to my third orgasm of the night. We recovered all in a lot of our efforts. After a few minutes Becky and I managed to untangle ourselves and Geoff published Romero. " Let's clean," she said, with Geoff 's hand and leads him in the direction of the suite. As she walked away I realhomesex noticed semen down the back of his left leg. Becky and I lay on the bed in silence. I relaxed on my back with Becky 's head snuggled into the crook of my arm. Soon I had fallen asleep in sleep and must quickly return as Geoff and Rosemary went to bed to have. I woke up in the morning with a delicious warm feeling in my cock. Becky was gently awakened me with their lips and tongue. I looked up and met with Romero view. She was all over me, in her favorite position, riding on a rooster. Geoff was on my back and my wife was gentlytakes it. She leaned over and French kissed me when it gets. The combination of the feeling was sensational. Finally she broke the kiss, his head and whispered in my ear : " Good morning, dear. " back to Geoff, sat up and began to push the pelvis. This exercise continues to bring me to orgasm, and apparently had the same effect on Geoff. He was strong and pushed up to meet Romero movements. The morning sun breaks through the window, anno
Quotes uncing realhomesex another perfect day, and the bathroom of the room with a yellow light. We slept together, dear, licking, sucking, fucking and played in various combinations in the morning. We did not know until November 00 instead. Geoff realhomesex and Becky left for the "breakfast" at lunchtime with effusive thanks and promise that we will repeat the adventure, as soon as possible. Romero and I wandered dazed through the house in something. We realized that we hadfound two kindred spirits who, like us, were deeply in love. It was realhomesex the depth of his love to meet the safety of their fantasies. We could not clear, but then had a relationship that would last a lifetime, and to date has begun. Over the years, Becky, Geoff, Rosemary and I have yet much closer to the best of friends. We have other joys and sorrows, successes celebrated and shared consoling each other in times of trouble. We enjoyed our children grow and leave home. Recently it has begun negotiations for the purchase of a "common" home to share the rest of our days under the same roof. We have never stopped enjoying our fantasies, our own groups or like-minded people and we have tried to keep secret at all costs. Becky and I were tired on Sunday night and began to prepare for bed just after sunset. Becky stretched, yawned and made their way from the living room, headed to sleep. I stood up and the lights went out, but when I turned around I noticed a light realhomesex on somewhere. I looked around and discovered that the light of Keith and Mary's spare bedroom was on fire. It seems like in our garden. Do not dwell on what has changed the classroom lights and began my way to bed. Across the room looked absently out the window, the lights never before. A figure behind the glass and looks directly at me. The surprise kept me dry. I looked over and realized it was Mary. Mary also did not know, but good enough for her to seize this opportunity. I knew immediately that it was Keith. She was completely naked. Her breasts are neither small nor great, but I was one of the big brown areolas around her nipples prohibited. I went to the window staring at her openly. Concentrating hard, I could see only a very seat realhomesex belt and the top of a peak above the manicured shrubsDoorways. Without taking his eyes of Mary smiled, spread his arms and slowly pulled back the curtains closed, as if the end of a show. I was staring at the screen for several minutes. " Now that was curious, very curious," I thought to myself.


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This report includes "Becky, Geoff and barbecue. ' Thanks for all the encouraging words. I embroidered realhomesex some elements of this story, so it's not as " fact " classified, and the previous stories in the series . However, it is based on a true story. the grill certainly carried out and all ended up in bed...... No one spoke for several minutes until Romero broke the silence. " Since you are true dreams tonight, you think you could have a wish? " Geoff and I was a little confused on it waiting to go on. " I want Geoff favor in the ass, " he said softly, sounding a little embarrassed. " Becky says he realhomesex told me and like. I've never tried, because Brian does not want, and I think his penis is too thick anyway. What about Brian, you broke my cherry ? "" will never do to ask twice, "he laughed, but we need you girls to get this thing back to life first. " Firs Beckyt behind your lips around his cock, rosemary quickly after themselves. Along tickled licked, sucked and pulled masturbated. Geoff Hahn, rose slowly in response to the care of their offer. I could not stop playing with my own I get him back up to the total hardness. pleased to have reached its destination, reaches over Brian and Rosemary took a new tube of KY jelly in the drawer of his bed. That was a surprise to me because we've never used lubricant in our love. Then I remembered something. A few realhomesex weeks ago, when I asked if Brian had caught Romero in the ass for " movie night ", he replied: " Not this time. " I had realhomesex given way of observation, but now realize that the Brian bitch was willing to give anal tonight. I had to smile at his audacity. was lying face down on the pillow that Becky had been used. Brian moved around and knelt behind her. I watched as he spread a generous amount of lubricant in and around his ass and hisDamn good measure. He reached under her and plays with her pussy for a while before he turned and slowly pushed the tip of his cock into her from behind. Romero moaned softly. Pussy is pumped for realhomesex a while, then retired. Becky was standing beside them, watching carefully. I got out of bed and took a position behind her with my arm around her waist. I looked over her shoulder as she leaned over and took his cock glistening with Geoff in his hand. Gently turned his head to Romero in the ass and kept in place as Geoff called softly. I watched as his cock slowly disappeared into it. Wow, that was a twist! Romero complained again as he continued to press ho